How to use Photo Booths for Brand Building and Fun?

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Do you think that photo booths can only zest up your family parties and wedding?
If yes, then this post will change your prospect about a photo booth.

We, being the best photo booth entertainment provider in Singapore, can confirm the upsurge of photo booths in the corporate world.

Basically, a photo booth is a crafted place decorated with various themes and acts like a photo enhancer. In earlier times, its use was restricted to the weddings and casuals parties only. However, as the time passed, it has extended its functional area and entered into the corporate world swiftly.
Now, they can be spotted easily in any corporate event or offices parties. You might be wondering how and what they would be doing there. Well, this post will enlighten you about its every aspect.

What is the use of a photo booth for corporate events and official parties?

Photo booths can increase the impact of your business amongst the other competitors and make you stand out of crowd. Other than its external impact, a photo booth supplies more fun for your employees while they are enjoying the party.

On one hand, it is a cost-effective marketing strategy for your business and an easy entertainment prop from another side. So, it’s like a win-win situation for the business to have a photo booth in any official event.

Photo Booth for Branding

Branding is what every business seeks to sustain in the market. A photo booth is the easiest way to build the brand image of your business in the market. Social media marketing is always on board whenever we talk about the marketing of the business. When you have a photo booth, your photos become more attractive and grab the attention of all.

Photo Booth for Fun

Well, this fact does not need any explanation. We all love to get clicked in a quirky and interesting manner. When you have a photo booth at your official parties, your employees have a gala time while getting clicked. They enjoy the time at fullest which help them to release the work pressure.

Tips to use photo booths as brand building and fun

As now you know that a photo booth is like the cake in both hands for any business, here are our experts’ tips to use them intelligently while you aim high on brand building and having fun.

  1. Show off the brand logo at front

    Any photo booth will be able to build a brand image amongst their customer pool only if it represents the brand at all means. Put the brand logo at the very front of the photo booth so that it gets recognized in a single glimpse. Likewise, while you are creating your photo booth, make sure that it harmonizes with the theme of your business logo and motto. The more connected it is with your brand, the more easily it will help you to concrete your footing.
    One more thing to keep in mind – to keep the logo free from any distraction. If you are making the photo booth based on a theme, don’t do much of experimenting in and around the logo. Keep it as clutter free as you can.

  2. Play with your imagination and go for customization

    Choosing a customized photo booth over others is one of the most intelligent things that any business can do. When you have customized photo booths, you can easily depict your brand values. In addition, you can easily include a logo, website details, and anything that sound essential to you in your photo booth with customization.
    As far as fun is considered, nothing can beat a customized photo booth. You can easily create the most suitable one with customization. You promoted an employee go for “he/she just got promoted” or make some catchy phrases like “We want vacations” and “Please sanction my leaves HR”, and so on as per the theme or the situation that dominates your official environment. We can bet that your employees will have really a good time with all these customized photo booths.

  3. Engage at all the levels

    Creating a photo booth is not sufficient when you seek brand building. You need to get humans involved with you. The more engaged the customer is with you, the more he/she will remember about you.
    For example, a customer who spotted a photo booth with loud details like company’s services and offers is likely to remember about the company more, as compared to the one who only spotted the plain photo booth with few extras. When you have created an engaging photo booth, it can create much of buzz about you in the market. Moreover, it becomes an overdose of fun and entertainment as well because a client is getting information as well. To increase it, you can easily put some detailed meme over it.

  4. Never underestimate the power of social media

    Well, we can’t survive in this digital world by ignoring the power and impact of social media amongst the masses. There is no point in having an impressive photo booth while the rest of the world is not aware of it. Whenever you held any corporate event, only a handful of people are likely to attend while over social media its reach would by beyond measurements. With social media, you can easily target a large pool of customers at nominal costs and efforts. So, don’t forget to explore the potential of social media and do the brand building.

The Key Takeaway

Photo booths, when used and designed intelligently, makes a huge difference in brand building for any business. Though you have to play skillfully and smartly, the fun quotient comes easily with it. So, use them generously and enjoy a long-lasting brand image. For profession help in Singapore, you may choose the best instant photo booth and its experts.

Desmond Sum