Top 10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Fun

Most weddings are formal affairs minus the fun. You must have attended several such weddings and would’ve even wished the party to get over soon so that you can just escape from the venue. If you don’t want your wedding to be a boring event, follow these tips and make it fun and entertaining for guests

1. Fun with Food

Wedding food is a little dull. By adding quirky snacks you can spice up your menu. Candy apples, starters in martini glasses, etc can make the food interesting.

2. Play Games

From outdoor lawn games like corn hole to personalized crossword puzzles, games come in all sizes and shapes. To make your wedding memorable and fun you must keep your guests busy.

3. Plan Live Music

A great way to keep guests dancing and engaged is to have live music at the venue. This will add a distinct flavour to your reception. You can even sing a song of your own and surprise your guests.

4. Get Your Guests Involved

Your guests will be interested in documenting your event so why not give them a chance to do it? You can ask them to capture a list of photos to ensure you get copies of all the moments you missed while you were busy dancing or socialising.

5. Plan a Surprise

A little extra entertainment is sure to be a crowd pleaser and would surprise your guests. Bringing in a caricaturist, a dance company or magician is sure to delight and surprise.

6. Delight Guests with a Bonfire

A bonfire is a best way to entertain guests. And it is going to be a big hit. They can have fun and be merry.

7. Plan a Weekend

For brides with family travelling extensively to attend your wedding, a wedding weekend is a great option. You can serve family recipes at brunch or dinner or plan activities based on your location.

8. Set up a Photo Booth

Setting up an instant photo booth will help guests to mix and mingle and have fun. The photo booth with funny props and backdrops will provide unlimited entertainment for the guests. With an instant photo booth you will be able to provide your guests with hysterical photos and also mementos to cherish after your big day. You will find affordable photo booth services in Singapore, which are just apt for big as well as small events since they don’t require much space and can be set up at the venue in a jiffy.

9. Don’t Forget the Kids

If kids are part of your event, plan something special for them. Kids are not going to enjoy if you make them sit at your dinner table and watch your gorgeous wedding cake. Provide them with some fun activities so that they won’t trouble their parents. Activities baskets, colouring books, or even a separate kid’s area with popcorn, candies, etc, are all great options, and parents will also thank you for the same.

10. Creative Wedding Favours

You can hand out the photos taken at the photobooth as favours and the guests are going to cherish the gift forever. You can also give candied pecans in a jar, heart shaped rice krispies, etc as a takeaway gift.

Desmond Sum