12 Quick and Creative Photo Booth Ideas for Your Parties

Taking photographs is the only way you can preserve memories for the future you to reminisce upon, but taking photographs can be a stressful event for some individuals. How can you make taking photographs a fun thing to do so for everyone?

Let us tell you.

A quirky-cum-entertaining photo booth is a very effective way to make photos more captivating and the experience more engaging. Whether it is a wedding or a birthday party, a creative photo booth as all the potential to make the event more fun and memorable like never before.

This simple step of affixing a photo booth at your party is not only easier but also pretty expeditious. All you need to do is to hire a professional photo booth company in Singapore. They will tailor some fascinating and easy-on-the-pocket photo booth solutions for your events and add that extra zest and zeal.

In the meantime, here are some interesting photo booth ideas for your parties that are quick enough to made and artistic enough to enhance the glee of your party.

  1. Chalkboard photo booth
    Well, nothing can beat a totally customized chalkboard photo booth. With its ease of usage and great customization ability, it grabs the first place in our list. Whether it is a wedding or an official party, you can add the content as the person getting clicked in front of it.
    The blackboard act perfect as a canvas for the hues of colored chalks to be poop out. Starting from the design to quotes, everything can be customized right there.
    Pro tip – While you are choosing a chalkboard photo booth to make sure that the black paint is glossy enough to add the extra gleam during the daytime event. However, the same is not true during an evening or night time party. It has to be of matte finish during night time else the flashlight will make it all blurry.
  2. Faux framed wall
    Go an extra mile to make your party more blissful by adding a faux framed wall. You can decorate it as per the theme of the party. If it is a fun-filled party then you can easily pick a superhero framed wall. While if it is a corporate event, you can make it as ‘Employee of the Month’ or ‘The Baby Boss’ themed.
    Pro tip – Try to add the extra element to give it a complete look. Suppose, you are making a superhero framed wall of Captain America then place some related items like his shield.
  3. Paper Fan backdrop
    Love colors? Then paper fan backdrop is the ideal pick for you. You can pick the colors of your choice and make it as alluring as you want. The hues of paper the fan creates a magical effect in the pictures.
    Pro tip – Vibrant hue is perfect during the daytime event while the sparkling and gleaming paper fans are the best fit in a dazzling evening party.
  4. Metallic fringes
    If you want to make your event extravagant then go ahead and get a metallic fringe backdrop for the event. It is a perfect fit for all the hosts that are throwing a New Year Eve or Christmas Eve party.
    Pro tip – Get metallic caps to make it more alluring.
  5. Ribbon and lace
    If you have a love for simplicity then ribbon and lace backdrop or photo booths are surely your things. With not much of gorgeousness, they easily add the touch of elegance in your photos.
    Pro Tip – Keep the entire setting little minimalistic to complement with the soberness of the backdrop.
  6. Cupcake foil wall
    Do you know that your cupcakes can do wonders even after you eat them all? Yes, they can. Use their golden and silver foil papers to create an alluring backdrop or a photo frame.
    Pro Tip – You can also ask for relevant props from your best photo booth provider in Singapore to enhance its beauty.
  7. A balloon wall
    A simple yet attractive balloon wall attracts people of all ages. A bunch of balloons instead an awesome photo booth that can be done after minimal efforts.
    Pro tip – Make sure the balloon is properly aired and do not inflate soon after.
  8. Raining hearts backdrop
    If the party is for the love of your life then a raining heart backdrop helps you to convey for love for him/her. It is a perfect pick for Valentine Day party. Even a planned proposal can be more exciting with this.
    Pro tip – You can also include a transparent umbrella to make the backdrop more relevant.
  9. Cut-out boards
    Do you always want to be dressed like Queen Elizabeth? Then, get a cutout board of hers. Voila! You are Queen Elizabeth. A face cut-out board is an easy way to add the sort of excitement you want to add. Get the celebrity of your own choice and become the one for a day.
    Pro tip – You can also include more than two celebrities for an extra bout of fun.
  10. Newspaper backdrop
    Running out of time for the party and wants a quick photo booth? Then grab a pile of newspapers and stick them all over. It is all done.
    Pro tip – Choose only one sort of newspapers for this. Don’t mix the colored page 3 newspaper with informative black and white pages.
  11. String lights backdrop or photo booth
    Wants to have a fairytale photo booth? The strings lights are the only thing that you need. Just adjust them over a cloth of any color and get yourself clicked in a dreamy layout.
    Pro tip – If your stings lights are of bright color then the cloth at the back should be of light color and vice-versa.
  12. Marshmallow strings
    Wants to bring the snowy softness to your party? Then bring packets of marshmallows and aligned them nicely in a string. The perfect replacement of snow is ready.

Which instant photo booth do you like? Looking out for more options then contact with the professional photo booth makers in Singapore and get their instant help.

Desmond Sum