Do These 6 Things to Make Your Guests Happy

Your guests may never want to leave the party if you incorporate these thoughtful touches into your wedding.

Guests will undoubtedly be amazed by your centrepieces, wedding cake and even gush over your gown. But if you want your wedding to go down in history or if you want your guests to remember your big day for years to come, you must think about the small things that will make them comfortable.

If the wedding reception is on a beach, provide them with slip-ons so that they will be more comfortable. If it is happening at a hill station provide them with pashmina shawls so that they can keep themselves warm or umbrellas in case of a downpour. Provide them a charging station for their phone or Band-Aids in the bathroom for when their heels start hurting.

Your guests will enjoy and celebrate the day even more if you add small things, which will make them really comfortable. Here are a few tips to pamper your guests and make them happy.

1. Pamper Them With a Welcome Bag

Welcome bag/basket for your guests on arrival is the best way to say welcome & thank you. Depending on your budget you can fill the bag. There are no hard and fast rules, but try to include a bottle of mineral water, a small packet of dry fruits, a cookie box, chocolates, peppermints, etc. If you have enough budget you can even include a Whiskey in the bag or a souvenir gift such as pottery or crystal.

2.  Pre-Ceremony Refreshments to Quench Their Thirst

Before the ceremony starts you must quench the thirst of your guests with pre-ceremony refreshments. It can be any fruit juices if the ceremony is happening in a tropical region to beat the heat.

3.  Sunglasses to Protect Their Eyes

If the reception is happening on a beach your guests will thank you if you provide them with sunglasses. It will also help them to take pictures of the event without the sun bothering them.

4. Hire a Photo booth

Your guests should not feel bored at the venue. The best thing to do to keep them entertained is to hire a photo booth. This will give them an opportunity to click fun pictures and even upload them on their social networking sites. At the end of the event, you can gift them the pictures taken at the photobooth as a memento.

5. Send Them Home With a Treat

You can give them creative takeaway treats. Boho bracelets, or bubble pins, cookie jars, etc will make excellent treats. Depending on the budget you can plan them.

6. Thank Them With a Note

After the wedding do not forget to extend your appreciation to your guests for making the wedding journey with you. So ensure that you send out “Thank You” notes to each one of them! It can even be a souvenir card with one of your wedding day images on it.

Desmond Sum