The Comprehensive Guide to Available Photo Booth Software in the Market

Are you thinking to acquire or subscribe to a Photo Booth Software in near days?

Let us guess why you want it! The reason could be:

  • You want to execute your own creative photo booth ideas at your events;
  • You want to reduce the cost of engaging professional photo booth providers; or
  • You want to try if you are cut out for the photo booth business

Whatever be your cause, settle for the best photo booth software only.In this article, we are going to guide you through the features, a comprehensive Photo Booth Software should have. Here is our list:

  1. Device Compatibility

    Generally, good photo booth programs will be compatible with mainstream DSLRs, cameras, Webcam, etc. A good photo booth software will allow casting of ChromeCast slideshows. So, make sure that your photo booth software supports your camera, at least. It will help you generate high-quality and high-resolution photos to impress everyone.
    This is important for photographers, photo booth service providers and almost everyone else. You would not want to buy a new set of camera just to use for your photo booth software.

  2. Social Media Sharing

    Gone are those days when photo booth customers wanted to get printed photos only. Now, everyone wants to share their images on social media as soon as it gets shot. So, if you are an instant photobooth service provider, do not forget to check whether your photo booth software facilitates social sharing or not.
    Pick the software which allows emailing, FTP sharing, Bluetooth sharing and social media sharing of the final pictures, GIFs, videos and slow-motion videos. It should have a social sharing facility for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter too.

  3. GIF Creation and More Fun

    People love animated images. If your photobooth is able to generate GIFs, it will be more fun for everyone. Hence, your photo booth software should be capable of adding animated overlays and creating GIFs will add the elements of cool effects.

  4. Advanced Filters, Effects, and Frames

    On top of the systematic processing of shooting and printing photos, photo booth software applications are largely valued for their special effects, unique photo frames, amazing effects, and advanced lighting features.
    It will be good if your software offers multiple color filters, photo morphing effects, black & white filters, Cartoon filters, Sketch filters, lighting effects, partitioned frames, fun frames, etc. Do not select the software with less interesting and limited filters for your home, office or commercial photo booth.

  5. Running Survey and Contests

    If you are searching for a photo booth tool for corporate use or business use, your software should be capable of surveying, running competitions and collecting data from these events.
    Businesses and brands love this feature as it helps them collect insightful details regarding the shared pictures. However, this feature is not mandatory if you want this software for personal use only.

  6. Cloud Support

    Having pictures, GIFs or videos saved on the Cloud makes it convenient for us to fetch them later. So, if your selected photo booth software lets you save all photos in a cloud-based directory for further use, it will be great. It also reduces the chances of losing images accidentally. At Tiny Photo, we provide a cloud gallery for all our clients to retrieve their photos even after their events.

  7. Green Screen Discovery

    If you want to have more fun with your photo editing and photo booth software, this feature can’t be missed out.Wondering what Green Screen is?
    Then, try recalling that green curtain or wall behind people during photo shoots.
    This green area is later replaced with a better background, for example, Eiffel Tower, Marina Bay or Statue of Liberty to create awesome pictures.
    You obviously want your photobooth software to support green screen discovery and removal now, don’t you?

  8. Manual Uploading of Pictures

    Sometimes, we have the images already and want to use the filters or effects on them only. In such cases, if your photo booth software won’t allow manual uploading of the pictures, you won’t be able to do so. Hence, manual uploading and filter application on these uploaded photos should be allowed by your software.

Note: These features, as we listed above, are important for any photo booth software to efficiently operate and make everyone happy. However, as per your needs, budget & requirements, your choice will differ.

For example, you may want to look for Photobooth Software, which is more feature-rich or the one which is less efficient than our set benchmarks.

Special Tip

If you are not going to use this photo booth software frequently of just want a photo booth for an upcoming special event, it is not worth investing time, money and effort in operating and learning the tool. Instead, go with instant photo booth services.

Similarly, if you need to install a photo booth for a business event, birthday party, wedding or any such important event, professional photo booths will work the best.

If you are in Singapore and want to hire the best photo booth entertainment provider, contact Tiny Photo

Desmond Sum